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Insurance Investigations

One of the cornerstones of Northeast Investigations is our long standing tradition of providing excellence in surveillance and insurance investigations to Defense Attorneys and Insurers. Very few professional investigators can conduct a competent, successful physical surveillance. The Maine licensed Professional Investigators at Northeast Investigations have conducted "thousands" of  surveillance investigations with an outstanding track record of observing and documenting a person of interest activities throughout Maine and all over the northeast. We use the most technologically advanced camera equipment for outside and inside applications as well as the most up to date Database and Social Media resources available to Professional Investigators. Our vehicles blend in with the environment, and our investigators are Discreet, Highly Trained, Educated and Experienced professionals that are considered experts in surveillance.

Defense Attorneys and Insurers need competent, cost effective claims investigation to determine legitimate losses and combat fraud. Northeast Investigations provides outstanding Workers' Compensation, Liability, Damage and Insurance Litigation investigation with you, the client in mind. Our insurance investigators have established Northeast Investigations as a leader in Insurance Defense investigation and are often called upon to assist other investigative firms with their difficult claims investigations. At Northeast Investigations, we focus on the needs of the client, while maintaining the integrity of the claims handling process.

Our insurance investigations, which include Surveillance, Background Checks, Wellness Checks, Sick Call Checks, Activitiy Checks, and Witness Interviews have helped Insurers and Defense Attorneys since 1990 to obtain the information they need to make educated and responsible claims decisions throughout Maine and the northeast. In fact, many of our clients with Surveillance and Insurance related issues, have resolved their problems soley on the success of our surveillance investigations. We have a strict code of ethics and all of our investigators are highly experienced professional credible witnesses in all Maine state and Federal Courts.

About Our Insurance Claims Investigation Division

We are up-front and honest with all of our clienst. If after listening to their story and understanding what the client is looking for,  if we know that we cannot help, we will simply refuse the case or refer the client to another investigations agency that may be able to help them. Northeast Investigations has professional investigators assigned to specific areas in the firm based upon their prior training, education and experience. Our  investigators are also constantly being trained to keep up with modern technology, laws and ethics and the continuous changes in the field of private investigations.

What does this mean to you? 
The investigator that you speak to in the beginning, will be the same investigator that keeps you updated during the process and speaks to you about the final result. You will be updated daily during the process and  know exactly where we are with the investigation. Many of our clients have established a very solid rapport with our investigators making them feel comfortable and knowing we strive to get them the results they need to make sound decisions. We take pride that the investigator on your case will average 20 years of private investigative experience and is a highly trained discreet professional. All of out work is fully documented and ready to be presented in court.

We know Maine, the laws and have spent over 25 years building trusted relationships with contacts in the field to help provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision!
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Insurance Testimonials

"I have worked with Northeast Investigations, in particular, Anthony Orlando on several insurance defense cases. He is professional, his work product is excellent and is a very credible witness in court. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of investigative work". Attorney

" I've been working with private investigators throughout my insurance career of almost 20 years and have worked with many investigators from all over the state of Maine. Anthony Orlando/ Northeast Investigtions have conducted countless investigations for me. The professionalism, integrity, skill level and dedication he puts into each and every case he does for me is second to none"!   V. P. Claims 

" When I have a suspisous claim, the first call is to Anthony Orlando. I have been using Anthony since 2007 and am very pleased with the results he always provides. I know when he is working on a case, my  job is alot easier. The experience and knowledge he has in claims investigations and surveillance really shows when he does an investigation and when he says his reports are ready to be presented in court, they are!"  Thank you.....  Claims Director

" If anyone is going to uncover something, Anthony Orlando will!  He has conducted numerous surveillance investigations for us with excellent sucess! The experience  and professionalism is apparent ! He is always at the top of list when we need an investigator. "  Claims Mgr.


We have conducted " thousands" of surveillance and insurance investigations throughout Maine and the northeast and are considered amongst the best in the profession. With that, we offer consulting to SIU & Claims Managers along with cost effective alternatives to a standard surveillance through our parent company, Maine Investigative Consultants.

* Do you really know who's investigating your claims?
* Do you know how many surveillance  investigations your investigator has investigated?
* Does that claim warrant surveillance?
* Are your investigators gathering all the facts?
* Are your investigators on the site when they say they are?
* Are your investigators credibile in court? 

 If you answered yes to any of the above questions, than you should contract Northeast Investigations/Maine Investigative Consultants to learn how to utilize  
 your surveillance budget to it's full potential.

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